Good news: Government withdraws!

Is not it great? The interference officials, idlers course, uitvreters, will be less. Finally! It is a gradual movement, no abrupt landslide, but if you look closely you can see it happening.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water, the number of officials steadily for years. In a previous cabinet (Rutte 2?) workers were, regardless of experience and knowledge, the HR department summoned by the urgent request to go elsewhere. Na 3 months followed a follow: "Nothing else? Does not care anything for you?”. ILT (Old Ship Inspection) announced last during an industry consultation inland bodies that they do not go along with the Dutch delegations to international shipping consulting. That should do the "administration officials". ILT is more of the embodiments, no new wetten.Ook the recommendations of the OVV to the BBZ confirm the receding trend. Not the Minister but the sector is instructed to set things. Because that is the consequence: if the government does not do it then citizens must (and entrepreneurs) do it yourself.

I'll write that all this is good news, but if so, I do not really know. It is not so much the point I want to make. There will determine what to say to that government withdraws. People with a neo-liberalistischer disposition will certainly find it good. The good side is that we, in the 'case Amicitia' let's say, Now may show itself shows that we can carry this responsibility. So to show the outside world that we are able to agree on the minimum standard, safety. And to show that we are there also to keep. We are working on knowledge. I also believe that we quite succeed. Yet not everyone has the industry standard for Spars viewed, okay, but the number will rise slowly.

It will be increasingly difficult to remain full now hold that the best treatment for a wind crack is close to his kitten. Just to name a few. What these developments is perhaps more important than ever, is that we can capitalize on the trend, we can fill the holes that the government leaves. If no officials are more savvy business then someone else will have to convey the importance of the fleet among policymakers in The Hague and Strasbourg.

And that requires the BBZ. If only to occasionally send a letter to the Minister to tell her that practical knowledge is essential, Also at the international negotiating tables. But not only the government withdraws, entrepreneurs and captains seem also to want to do. shrinking membership numbers, while the need to influence increases. We have to invent something.

Paul van Ommen – Director BBZ

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