The after-annual "Cross Harness-sail-with-the-members"

On 12 October the following year Cross-Harness-sail-with-the-place members. Not in the Three Men, as originally planned, but the barque Artemis. The wind Tres Hombres could not be ex-rigged and the ship was not finished with the annual refit. And therefore could unfortunately not sail. Thanks to the inventiveness of Arjen van der Veen (Tres Hombres captain and board Cross Harness) and the willing cooperation of owner Jan Bruinsma, not to mention Captain Ali, could EZS former students, the annual sailing trip on the white three-masted. The, because of the Race of the Classics happen in Den Helder was, where the Tres Hombres its home port.

Saturday 9 hours was the time of collection of the old marine base in Den Helder at Tres Hombres, with both familiar and new faces, oudklasgenoten and introducees. By "you were not with me in the classroom?"And" when are you going to do the 2nd year?"And a cup of coffee, it immediately and at school…

Werkplaats tuigageThe plans of the "Three Men" were explained by Arjen and explained, – the fifth round of Atlantic along the Cape Verde, Belem in Brazil and Caribben – , as well as the layout of the ship, – the benefits of a galley on deck- and daily life aboard the Tres Hombres, – without motor and running water and only 1x a week with meat and chocolate and rum in the hold (!)-. All this complemented with sensational details about time-consuming construction maneuvers in exotic ports using anchors, encouraged by the leaked locals.

After a visit to the rigging loft, and a short drive, The group was warmly received by Captain Ali on Artemis. Identified by a knit cap with "captain" in the pictures.

De Artemis is in 1926 built as a whaler in Norway, under the name Pol II. She then had a steam engine and two masts. During the war years she has served as a minesweeper. After the war, she converted to freighter and finally she was sold to company Grube on the island Marstal. (See in the autumn issue of the Lie Bank book review of Anne de Bourg Raven on the island Marstal). There she was called Artemis, and under that name she was around 2000 sold to the User. Bruinsma. They managed to transform into a beautiful three-masted barque former steam sailing ship. Artemis is now owned by Jan Bruinsma of Tallship Company.

Photoalbum 12 oktober 2013Because there was little wind it was eminently suitable day and a great opportunity to join a group exercise with a square-rigged ship passionate sailors. Arjen did the instruction, on the bridge and on deck (Click on the photo for the album); Ali and Arjen together led hoisting, iron, the maneuvers and the closure. There was also plenty of opportunity to take the top of the mast and to give "close to the top" to view purlins and goat rebuild a look. Delicious pumpkin soup with bread, Three Men Three Men in Chocolate rum – not to mention new applications from enthusiastic cross rig members to assist in the upcoming events (do you think it oorlam?) – made the annual trip to an attractive and informative event. In short, successful! Thanks to Sabine Fox for the soup, and thanks to the members who have worked in the galley.

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Photo Album 12 October 2013


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