Film “Ready About” Friday 11 december op school

alex1Next Friday, yet another informative and enjoyable evening at school!

This is the last of this year, we gaan 15 of January further, if you have suggestions or perhaps yourself what to tell, let us know me.

This time:

Ready About – The Return of the Windjammers

A film showed on Friday 11th at 19h30

Today the Climate Conference in Paris is finished. Talking on conferences are important, at least when decisions are made. But more important are people who are really acting. Like changing the lifestyle in saving energy, making projects for regenerating energy. There is one more example: Sailing vessels can be a big part of the solution in stopping the global warming. The film “Ready About” shows the situation of the sailing merchant vessels today and in the future.

The filmmakers Stefan Arens and Monika Kovacsics present “Ready About” and are ready to answer questions.
The website has the trailer for “Ready about”

Obviously there is afterwards a drink and a bite.

Until Friday!