A winter in the last century

In the hushed Zuiderzee town lurks Aldebaran brilliant red to the black water of the old port. A bramra moans in the closely tracer standard swell, the distance approaching desirous. On one of the sailing ships of light shining from the portholes. In the proud three-masted is warm and comfortable. Scales vapors at a candlelit table. Er is the co-, bread and wine and the joyful conversation comrades who delight in each other's presence.Borrel bij de buren

Put a middle-aged man stands as the meal draws. His lined cup betrays a life in all weathers. He tells, straight from the heart, what connects. And what comes to an end. Everyone will go his way and nobody knows of reunion. A surgeon is at, propose solutions. The crowd listens enthralled, gradually becomes excited…an association is born!

So it will be about gone, the evening 19 February 1999. Although, the historian might have also swirled a glass of wine. However, it is undeniable that that night the Association of Former Students of the Maritime Academy was founded Enkhuizer. During the first General Meeting on 19 november 1999 it was decided that the association would be called henceforth Cross Harness. The articles were also found.