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Dear former students GZV-Supplement,

In August this year, I informed you that the diploma supplement GZV later than 31 this December would be valid for requesting an ETT commercial vessels. This had Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) us 22 July notified in writing. Of course we have presented here a serious objection from Enkhuizer Maritime Academy because it does not match the law. It took some time but we lucky today received a response within.

KoopvaardijStartpaginaI quote their letter d.d. 6-11-2014:
Persons before 3 May 2014 knowledge proof Replenishment mate have achieved commercial vessels, up to four years after gaining this knowledge evidence concerning the certification request waits mate all ships at Kiwa Register BV. This is in line with the Decree on merchant ships and seafarers sailing, article 8, paragraph.

This is indeed in line with current legislation. Let op! A first VBB must therefore within 4 be used year after obtaining your diploma requested! It was previously 4 year and 9 months.

Hear spread the word!
Kind regards
Bernt Folmer

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