KZV and sailing module in English

The Maritime will Enkhuizer in October 2014 Starting with a class KZV in English. In recent years, an increase was observed in the number of foreign students. For students of German mother tongue is usually do to learn Dutch, but for others it is much more difficult. In the last five years, the EZS 3 French, 1 Croatian, 5 Italian, 5 Canadian, 4 English, 1 Hungarian, 1 Danish and 1 Spanish student trained in Dutch. The signals that many more people would be interested in coming here more often.

The training for "bevarenen" (people out of service) will be given from next school year in English, This in response to the development of an international certificate Sail Endorsement developed in collaboration with the STI is.

For 1 next September will be the office of the EZS move to the school building at Kuipersdijk. Find a small renovation currently taking place so there is indoor access to the new office. As a result, students can now also handle their administrative matters are as they are at school on Friday.
To all to announce the widest possible the website of the EZS mid June this year will be completely renewed online.
Source: Enkhuizer Nautical


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