Nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst zondag 10 February 2019

other Dwarstuigers,,eu,Perhaps you have heard that some months ago Henk Wever Fund,,nl,HWF,,cy,was founded partly on the initiative of Cross Harness,,nl,Most of you will not know Henk director / co-founder of the EZS and as a teacher,,nl,The fund that bears his name,,nl,wants them who need financial support to attend the training Little Zeilvaart to EZS,,nl,To this end, the fund may provide an interest-free loan,,nl,Of course, the fund will need the necessary resources for,,nl!

With this I invite you warmly on behalf of the entire board of Cross Harness for our New Year's reception on Sunday 10 February at Enkhuizen Nautical College, commencement 13:30 (download the AGM documents).
You can register via Facebook or email to

We have two special speakers this time, which form the core of the program in addition to the formal part of the AGM: Thedo Fruithof in Wietse van der Werf.

fotoThedoThedo has an impressive track record with regard i.a.. the preservation of maritime heritage (such events Ship as Monument and the Traditional Ships Exhibition, his contributions to maritime events such as Brest / Brittany) and has also developed the idea of ​​an outdoor museum at the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen. And that's only a very limited list! Thedo talks about his long career as an innovator.



Cannabis Evander YardWietse as Executive Director of the Sea Rangers primary responsibility for the affairs of this particular, new initiative to stimulate sustainable redevelopment of coastal areas; een vorm van de nieuwe blue economy. From a different approach for combating the Sea Ranger Service also youth, wants to inspire young people to choose a maritime career, Maritime is veterans reintegrate and will monitor and restore maritime landscape while stimulating economic development.

In the formal part of the meeting will be the Annual Report and Accounts 2018 discussed and set, and also the Year Budget 2019. Particular attention we should pay to each of the composition of the board. Currently I act as President and also suggest me a candidate for the presidency. But of course you are going here as members of! Other candidates are welcome and if that is the case we ask you to send a short CV to the Secretariat.

Aansluitend gaan we natuurlijk met elkaar borrelen. For those members who have multiple opportunities to pursue elsewhere reacquainted together after a long time during the General Assembly meeting there in Enkhuizen. At their own expense: though!

like to 10 February!

Ger Jager

acting President

Download the ALV pieces

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