Graduation 19 april 2019

Vrijdag 19 April the annual graduation ceremony for the graduating students of the Enkhuizen Nautical KHV and GZV. Obviously the board of Harness Cross was present. Traditionally groomed Cross Harness richly sandwiches which after the ceremony

Good news: Government withdraws!

Is not it great? The interference officials, idlers course, uitvreters, will be less. Finally! It is a gradual movement, no abrupt landslide, but if you look closely you can see it happening. it takes at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water

Basic Training Zeilvaart 1 t/m 5 April 2019

Lines: a passion, a lifestyle, a profession The sailing vessels covers a broad art and includes: wind, water, shipping, rigging, navigation, meteorological, engines, advanced instruments and most people. Who sails wants to make his business is welcome with 'basic sailing vessels.

Nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst zondag 10 February 2019

other Dwarstuigers,,eu,Perhaps you have heard that some months ago Henk Wever Fund,,nl,HWF,,cy,was founded partly on the initiative of Cross Harness,,nl,Most of you will not know Henk director / co-founder of the EZS and as a teacher,,nl,The fund that bears his name,,nl,wants them who need financial support to attend the training Little Zeilvaart to EZS,,nl,To this end, the fund may provide an interest-free loan,,nl,Of course, the fund will need the necessary resources for,,nl! With this I invite you warmly on behalf of the entire board of Cross Harness for our New Year's reception on Sunday 10 February at Enkhuizen Nautical College, commencement 13:30 (download the AGM documents). You can register via Facebook or email to

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Lie Bank November 2018 appeared


Verslag Dwarstuig ledendag 21 October 2018 op Werf De Delft

Met een prima lunch ging de ledendag van najaar 2018 van start in het gebouw van Werf De Delft aan de Schiehaven in Rotterdam. Met een opkomst van ca. 40 former students and an interesting program this day was no more

Uitnodiging Dwarstuig Ledendag 21 October 2018

On Sunday afternoons the board of Cross Stool welcomes its members to the De Delft campus in Rotterdam. The Delft Foundation is the Rotterdam platform for historical-maritime crafts in the present.,,nl,The yard is also on one,,nl. De werf bevindt zich bovendien op een

Oud-bestuurslid Anne de Bourgraaf overleden

Helaas is oud bestuurslid Anne de Bourgraaf overleden. She has worked for years for a filled and beautifully printed Lie Bank and at that time designed the first website for our association,,nl,Until the last one, Anne,,nl,of the beautiful moments that were still granted,,nl,Wouter Kaandorp,,nl,Prinsenlaan,,nl. Until the last, Anne enjoyed the beautiful moments that her,nl

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Foto’s van de nieuwjaarsbijeenkomst op Facebook

Kort verslag ALV 18 February 2018 By the Ocean we Unite Thomas van Thiel vertelt heel boeiend over bewustwording van de vervuiling door plastic op de oceaan. Zeilend over de oceaan komt Thomas een plastic flesje tegen en dit heeft hem