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cees schoonbeek from Son wrote on 13 November 2017 at 21:57:
Available,,en,retired tug captain,,en,ocean,,en,yrs,,en,Many miles,,en,sail as well,,en,Several Atlantic crossings and charter experience,,en,EFF KZv,,lv,STCW etc,,en,As 1st or 2nd officer,,en,Also a retired medical doc,,en,Call Cornelis,,en,Cees,,nl,Schoonbeek,,nl,Dutch resident,,en,Mobile,,en,cornelis800@gmail.com,,en: retired tug captain (ocean) 67 yrs

Many miles, sail as well.
Several Atlantic crossings and charter experience.
As 1st or 2nd officer. Also a retired medical doc.
Call Cornelis (Cees) Schoonbeek. Dutch resident.
Mobile 00 31 6 470 20 222