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Ben Vroom uit Enkhuizen schreef op 26 februari 2018 om 03:05:
One double cabin available for paying crew. Departure 29th April.

With our modest non-profit organization we assist Pacific islanders to deal with the consequences of climate change: the destruction of their low lying island home.

Within the next generation, the lowest lying islands will be uninhabitable and many people will have to be relocated. Local island communities (churches and private) asked us to help them prepare for the inevitable transition.

Providing economic opportunities is our major goal. The culture of the Kiribati people is seriously Endangered because of rising sea levels. Their identity, lifestyle and history must not go extinct! This is why we are documenting their unique language, songs, tales and the ancient lore of Pacific navigation.

During this trip one of the last 'Tia Borau' (master navigator) has promised us to introduce the crew to the ancient lore of Polynesian navigation.

This is the timeline:
24th March, departure for Maui
15th April, provisioning and bunkering in Oahu
29th April, departure for Kiribati
8th May, arrival Christmas Island
10th May, departure for Fanning Island

In the moment we have a competent crew of 3 female and me myself.

If you're interested. Please let us know if you're interested for this voyage, or on the next, leaving from Fiji end of October.

Salty greetings,