Report of the anniversary celebration

Kees and I were sitting next to each other in our car on the way back from the Double Anniversary (Click here for photos). Like all those times we Enkhuizen left behind after penetrating lessons at the Maritime Academy. The moon was a waxing crescent: spring we noted. Helaas was Orion, the constellation so lyrically sung by Henk, and so often guided us on the way, not seen.

Kapitein Henk Weverpad naast de schoolIt was wonderful to be back in school. With over two hundred we were. All those familiar faces, all the memories that we had learned, the encounters with kindred spirits, our teachers and not least Henk. I did enjoy his spirit of the beautiful feast. Heard him laugh roaring to Captain Henk Weverpad, the passage about the site, where everyone always wants parking, that until now had no name. Kapiteinsvlag 4 sat with two clamps fixed on the board that the deputy mayor would reveal. That there was hardly off him. Henry Boland broke a record to name as short as possible as many merits of Henk and boast. The Shanty Choir sang Klaas us from the Kaatje. Everywhere burning fires to warm us. The drinks and barbecue tasted excellent.

Prior to the ceremony, the General Assembly 2014 of Cross Harness energetically hammered by Gert. Paulien took leave of the association and was rewarded with a Cross Harness wine cooler for her hard work and dedication. And during the survey announced Lia Captein that in local 5 was the movie to see a trailer (Lust of Watergeus), Tijs Meertens who is making. They try to get him on national TV. For sponsorship is requested. Dat to € 5,- € 50,- € 500,- of 5000,- or something in between. Each sponsor gets something for his money back, So sign up!

Kees and I made the beautiful pictures various school activities from the past (including the maneuver Erwe knew the Lotos) which were continuously displayed in the auditorium, all extra nostalgic.

Cross Harness management, Bernt and all others who have helped in the organization of the party, thank you very much!


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