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Newfoundland, it has become, instead of Alaska. It was a cold summer in the Arctic, there was a lot of ice, and we decided that the risk, that we should spend the winter in the mid-NW Passage, too big. There has been wide speculation about icebreaker assistance and the dire necessity of happiness in the Beaufort Sea (the area above Alaska), factors that we did not want to be dependent. So we turned to the Bellot Strait, after all was from beginning to ice and weather serving '. Who ever want to share the experience can be our diary of those days to read.

Then came the long way back to Greenland and then on to here. “The Rock”, as Newfoundlanders affectionately call their island, is impressive. The people are possibly even nicer and more helpful than the reputation that they rushed forward. The chart is inviting, but also clear that you can sail around without seeing anything here Lifelong.

Where will we go in 2014???

A round of Newfoundland is challenging and attractive, but with more than 1000 mile, without being somewhere a bay or fjord sailed, very far. Labrador made a deep impression during the short time we were there, a stop en route between Greenland and here. We definitely have to submit to a closer examination! Because there is too much ice along the coast in spring, is that from August to September. Calculating back I came to the following schedule:

  • 1-15 June: Notre Dame Bay en Northern Peninsula € 2000,-
  • 22 juni tot 13 July: Lewisporte to St. John's € 2850,-
  • 20 juli tot 10 August: St John's to Lewisporte € 2850,-
  • 17 August 14 september: Labrador, from Lewisporte € 4000,-

New Foundland

I hope to get to see as much of this beautiful area! It will be as new to me as to you, what makes it fun to experience this together. Nature, whales, birds and alternate history. Notre Dame Bay is located on the NE side of Newfoundland and is a sheltered sailing area with endless fjords and islands. The Greenland icebergs reach here. The N-Peninsula where the Vikings around the year 1000 landed and where most of the reindeer and moose walking. St John's is the capital and is 230 miles further SE. A varied landscape awaits us too little time and guaranteed. Labrador promises whales, black bears and beautiful walks through rough terrain. More open water to get there, but once there also nice sheltered passages and deep fjords and bays.

Let us know what you interested in,!
For questions or information, mail naar eef@tooluka.nl. From 1 November I'm back in Holland and also accessible by telephone.
The schedule for winter lectures will follow as soon as possible.

For now, a warm greeting from Tooluka,

Eef Willems,
Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada

South Havendijk 72
1601 JD Enkhuizen
0228 319 230 home
0655 104 517 mobile

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